Bridge Inspection and Evaluation

  • JBEC performs bridge inspection and evaluation of national highway bridges on the "Guideline for Routine Inspection of Highway Bridges" (March 2019, MLIT) and prefectural road bridges.
  • JBEC has an extensive record in the training for bridge inspectors spanning many years. Activities include "Bridge Inspection Technology Training "based on the "Guideline for Routine Inspection of Highway Bridges".
    No. of trainees completing Bridge Inspection Technology Training: 10,400.
  • JBEC also conducts detailed/follow-up investigations and provides support for rehabilitation/strengthening planning of bridges, and support for arrangement of data input for bridge management records.
  • JBEC issues certificate of "Road Bridge Inspector certified by JBEC" for the experienced bridge inspector.
    No. of certification issued:3,400